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The lineage of the Hamric(k) family is filled with literally thousands of relatives. 

This website attempts to make information available for all family members who are now scattered across the globe.  We welcome your additions, corrections, family stories and photographs.  It is my hopes that this site will be a lasting tribute to the Hamric(k) family, and to the many new members yet to come.

As you begin with this page, you will note colored underlined links which will lead you to family members and tombstone photographs.  The website is continually being updated, so new links will appear as information is uploaded.  With so many pages of information, you may wish to access the
Site Map, which details each page of the website. The spelling of names on census, birth, marriage and death information appears exactly as it was recorded on the original documents.

Lastly, I wish to thank my parents, Spencer and Betty Hamric, who brought me into this family and instilled upon me the honor of being a Hamric.

Janet Hamric
Peter Hamrick 1689-1764, married to Margaret Ingles
   Children: Benjamin 1729 - ___, married Mary Sias
                 Patrick Jr. 1730-1839, married Sarah Foster
                 Jeremiah -
                 Jilson - married Sally Thomas
                 Robert ____-23May1757
                 James - married Priscilla
                 John ____-28Nov1757, married Sarah
David Hamric Ancestors and Descendants
Children of Benjamin and Mary (Sias) Hamrick.
Sias  4Apr1753-Oct1835, married Miriam McMillion
Benjamin   c1755-1842, married Nancy McMillion
William   c1756-___, married Elizabeth "Betsy" Fitzgerald
David  22May1760-12Jul1839, married Lettice Wyatt
Mary 1761-___, married Clayton Smith Jr.
Samuel  c1765-
Jilson  c1766-1851, married Sarah Thomas
Joel  c1770-____, married Mary "Betsy"
Children of Benjamin and Nancy (McMillion) Hamrick

Benjamin   10Feb1782-12Jun1863, married Nancy Agnes Gregory
Nancy  13Feb1795-10Jul1857, married Absolom Hutchinson
Mary  1Aug1787-6Feb1867, married Samuel Dobbins
William F.  1789-1850, married Jeanette Gregory
Peter  5Jul1791-19Mar1855, married Rebecca Mollohan
Enoch  1780-____, married Jane McMillion then Mary Sisk
Joseph W. 1793-1885, married Frances Coger then Margaret Burrows
David _Jan1796-25Oct1875, married Elizabeth Miller
John  c1800-1832, married Nancy Perkins
Sarah c1802-1863, married John James
Cyrus  c1806-___, married Jane James
Children of Peter and Rebecca (Mollohan) Hamrick

George 8Feb1826-3Dec1862, married to Caroline McCoy
Benjamin  7Sep1830-c1863, married Sarah Sando then Sarah Fulks
Mary J. "Polly"  4Aug1829-25May1903, married George W. Pierson
Nancy Jane  c1833-___, married Henry Clinton Barnett
Hannah Mariah 9Mar1837-17Jul1913, married Benjamin F. Dodrill
Jane Jerusha  3May1842-30Nov1910, married Arthur E. Dodrill
Rachel  c1834-__, married Randolph Brown
Elizabeth  4Apr1839-20Dec1923, married Burton C. Pierson
Martha  1Jul1844-12Jan1929, married Jonathan P. Duffield
Lucinda  25Aug1847-1936, married Jasper Pierson
Henry  19Feb1850/1-1921, married Sarah Jane Duffield
Children of George and Caroline (McCoy) Hamrick

James Peter  22Jul1848-14Dec1927, married Laura Nottingham
Martha   1849-1860
Sarah J. Diana  c1851-1914, married Edward B. Wheeler
David  13Dec1852-25Aug1934, married Eliza A. Brown
Mary E. 20Feb1855-28Apr1888, married Cortez Mollohan
Rebecca   25Aug1857-__
Samantha   18Dec1861-14Oct1895, married Robert A.Young